Jan.04 BibleinOneYear

Battles and blessings-Jan.04.2017


  1. proverbs 1:1-7

‘Wisdom’, as Joyce Meyer says, ‘is choosing to do now what you will be happy with later on’.

God always told me before that “Happiness is my choice.” I didn’t really understand it at the moment, but now I know that we christian can choose to be happy when we decide to give our lives to the Lord. Wisdom is all from the Lord.

2. Matthew 4:1-22

The devil goaded Jesus by quoting Psalm 91, but it is a verse taken out of context. Jesus countered with a verse that is in context: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test’ (v.7).

Satan often tells me to do wrong with very subtle, distorted words. Usually they are out of context. Jesus could keep the devil away from him because he was soaked in God’s words in context. –> this is part of the reason I start this posting.

3. Genesis 7:1-9:17

We see in this passage, as we do in the entire Bible, that the blessings outweigh the battles.

We are son and daughter of God. I had misunderstood him that he always wants us to go challenging and painful way and this is basically christian life. I was wrong. When I prayed to God and tried to fully communicate with him, I could hear clearly from him that my journey would be much more blessings than hard battles and he just wants to go my journey together.

BibleinOneYear(BIOY) helps people reading bible regularly and having Quiet time with kind explanation and storytelling. You can get the contents through both its website and smartphone application. The linked bible in BIOY is in NIV and you can also listen to bible from English gentleman’s voice 🙂



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