Group project simple Log/Ref.

5th June, 2017

max-width 설정
한글폰트 설정
-font 적용

15th June

sign_up, sign_in page and arrange it to login successfully.
game page_set the width and height as vw, vh etc… layout sorted finally T.T
(learned that it is much easier when I plan, calculate and set the layout first and then work on it. I had to do too much void work without layout…)

알고리즘with python_1-4

‘모두의 알고리즘 with 파이썬’  공부중   …. ​

계산 복잡도 O (대문자 O 표기법)
알고리즘의 대략적인 성능을 표시한다

-필요한 계산 횟수가 입력크기 n과 정비례할때 O(n)으로 표기
-n과 무관할 때 O(1)로 표기

연습문제 1-1. 1~n까지 연속한 숫자의 제곱의 합 구하기
import math
def sqr_sum(n):
for i in range (1,n+1):
return s
print (sqr_sum(2))
print (sqr_sum(3))
print (sqr_sum(10))

2. 최댓값찾기

Python 개념

list_ ruby의 array와 거의 유사.
a[-1]은 리스트의 끝에서 첫번째값(마지막 값)을 의미.
자주 쓰는 functions:
insert(i, x)
x in a

연습문제 2-1. 최소값 알고리즘
def find_min(a):
n= len(a)
for i in range(1, n):
if a[i]< min:
min = a[i]
return min
v= [17, 92, 18, 33, 45]


집합 기능

s= set() #빈집합만들기
s.add(1) #집합에 자료 추가 !

연습문제 3-1 nC2 조합

“””including itself “””

def two_com(a):
n= len(a)
result= set()
for i in range(0, n-1):
for j in range(i-1, n):
return result

p= ["A", "B", "C"]
# {'B--A', 'A--A', 'A--B', 'B--C', 'B--B', 'A--C'}

“””not to include itself”””

def two_com(a):
n= len(a)
result= set()
for i in range(0, n-1):
for j in range(i-1, n):
if i<j:
return result

p= ["A", "B", "C"]
# {'B--C', 'A--B', 'A--C'}

-어떤 함수 안에서 자기 자신을 부르는 것.
-종료조건을 반드시 걸어줘야함.

"""1부터n까지의 합 구하기 """

def sum(n):
if n<=1:
return 1
return n+sum(n-1)


“””숫자 n개중에서 최댓값찾기”””

def max_func(a):
if n<=0:
return 0
if a[n-2]<a[n-1]:
return a[n-1]

Useful websites to learn code_(updating)


Best recommendation for beginners: Codecademy

Honestly for CSS, I won’t really recommend it because it explains CSS with a lot of texts, not images…….

but it is highly recommended for Ruby, JavaScript and many other languages when you don’t have any other experience before. A lot better than passively taking online lectures or struggle with inexplicable errors time to time from the beginning and get sick of the computer stuff.

+ when you cannot pass the page you can refer to the forum in which many people give questions and answers about each phase of the certain course.


[Learning CSS]



2. Flexbox froggy

Just to get used to the ‘flex’ property  in CSS with different values, and have fun!

24 levels to work on. easy.



+ similar one: Grid Garden


Feb 05 2017 Sermon by Pastor John Park

Today’s sermon was so impressive to me. These days I’ve closed my eyes and ears to God but this message was clearly saying something, so I’d like to write it down to engrave into my brain.

Romans 12:1-2

1. Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of Gods mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God — this is your spiritual act of worship.
그러므로 형제들아 내가 하나님의 모든 자비하심으로 너희를 권하노니 너희 몸을 하나님이 기뻐하시는 거룩한 산 제물로 드리라 이는 너희가 드릴 영적 예배니라
2. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what Gods will is — his good, pleasing and perfect will.
너희는 이 세대를 본받지 말고 오직 마음을 새롭게 함으로 변화를 받아 하나님의 선하시고 기뻐하시고 온전하신 뜻이 무엇인지 분별하도록 하라

I had not think more about the theme of the year in our church, ‘Renewal’. I thought it is for form’s sake when new year comes. However, today I recognised the true meaning of it.

Last year theme was ‘Rest’. Rest and Renewal is different, as charging the battery and changing to a new battery is different. The pastor thankfully made really good analogy to help us understand.

So ‘Renewal’ means we should totally change our mindset, like we update our OS from window 98 to window XP to ….windows 8.

It is not about avoiding world.but
Pursuits. Transform. Love to do what we ought to do… Love holiness. Sanctification of ourselves.

Not just dipping myself to the truth,
But we should pickle, marinate, submerge our minds into holiness.

Because sin offering, is already done by Jesus,
Now we need thanks offering.
You are holy, so live what you are. We are all holy.

Prayer is the greatest expression of our dependence to God.

This transformation cannot be done by our own will, but by the ministry of holy spirit.

Be meek. 
Be hungry.
Psalm  139:23-24.

23 Search me, O God, and know my heart!
    Try me and know my thoughts!
24 And see if there be any grievous way in me,
    and lead me in the way everlasting!




Jan.04 BibleinOneYear

Battles and blessings-Jan.04.2017


  1. proverbs 1:1-7

‘Wisdom’, as Joyce Meyer says, ‘is choosing to do now what you will be happy with later on’.

God always told me before that “Happiness is my choice.” I didn’t really understand it at the moment, but now I know that we christian can choose to be happy when we decide to give our lives to the Lord. Wisdom is all from the Lord.

2. Matthew 4:1-22

The devil goaded Jesus by quoting Psalm 91, but it is a verse taken out of context. Jesus countered with a verse that is in context: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test’ (v.7).

Satan often tells me to do wrong with very subtle, distorted words. Usually they are out of context. Jesus could keep the devil away from him because he was soaked in God’s words in context. –> this is part of the reason I start this posting.

3. Genesis 7:1-9:17

We see in this passage, as we do in the entire Bible, that the blessings outweigh the battles.

We are son and daughter of God. I had misunderstood him that he always wants us to go challenging and painful way and this is basically christian life. I was wrong. When I prayed to God and tried to fully communicate with him, I could hear clearly from him that my journey would be much more blessings than hard battles and he just wants to go my journey together.

BibleinOneYear(BIOY) helps people reading bible regularly and having Quiet time with kind explanation and storytelling. You can get the contents through both its website and smartphone application. The linked bible in BIOY is in NIV and you can also listen to bible from English gentleman’s voice 🙂